Your Digit-Eyes Audio Code

Learn to Scan and Record an Audio Code

A sample Digit-Eyes audio code is located in the top left corner of this page. This code is about 1 inch / 2.5 cm square. The top left corner of the code is located .25 inch /.5 cm from the top side of this paper and the same distance above the start of this text; it is aligned to the left side of the paper.

Bigger codes can be scanned from farther away. The code on this page will be read by an iPhone 3GS at about 6 inches, by the iPhone 4 at about 12 inches and by the iPhone 5 at up to 24 inches. Start at 4 inches. You will hear a beep when scanning starts, clicks while scanning and another beep when Digit-Eyes finds the code. If you do not get results immediately, move your phone a little farther away or move it to the right or the left, pause for a second or two and, if there is no code found, move again.

After you hear the tone, double-tap to start recording, record your message and tap twice to end recording. Your message will be saved on your phone. Each time you scan this label with the Digit-Eyes app, your message will play again.

Use the "Re-Record" link to change your message; to delete the message, just click "Delete:

Human help: