Sample UPC Code

Learn to Scan a UPC Label

A sample UPC Code is located in the top left corner of this page. This code is about 1 inch / 2.5 cm tall. The bottom of the code is located roughly .25 inch /.5 cm below the top of the page and the same distance above the start of this text; it is aligned to the left side of the paper.

The UPC code is sized so it can be scanned when the phone is at the typical scan distance for UPC codes (between 3 and 6 inches / 8 15 cm from the label for the iPhone 3GS, up to 12 inches / 30 cm for an iPhone 4.)

Start the Digit-Eyes application on your phone. Then click the 'Scan' button on the screen. You will hear a beep when scanning starts, clicks during scanning and another beep when Digit-Eyes finds the code. If you do not get results immediately, move your phone a little farther away or move it to the right or the left, pause for a second or two and, if there is no code found, move again.

The code above is for Del Monte peaches. After it has recognized the code, the Digit-Eyes application on your phone will use the Internet to look the title up in the database and will voice the title of the item to you. If there is information about instructions, ingredients, nutrition or usage of the product, you will find a button titled "more information". Click this to hear more about your item.

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