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Digit-Eyes: Identify and Organize Your World

Step 6: Set up your printer
Digit-Eyes uses special bar codes 1 inch (2.25 cm) squareThe exercises in these last two setup and training steps allow you to make sure that your printer is configured so that the Digit-Eyes bar codes you print will be correctly positioned on your labels.

These two steps require sighted assistance because it is necessary to compare the test sheet from the printer with your labels you've bought to make sure the alignment is correct. After you've verified your printer setup once, you will not have to repeat this process.

Start by loading plain paper into your printer; you will not print actual codes or labels until you've verified that the alignment is correct.

  • First, Click on the menu option titled 'Test Your Printer Setup'.
    This option lets you print practice sheets on ordinary paper that are formatted exactly like your labels.  Comparing the practice sheets to your actual labels ensures that the scaling is set correctly on your printer.
  • Last, Click on the option titled 'Print Some Practice Labels'.  
    Using the practice sheets as if they were actual labels, you will print a sample sheet of Digit-Eyes codes on plain paper that can be checked against a real page of labels.  This procedure ensures that the alignment of the codes will be correct when you print on your real labels.

When you have finished these last two steps, you'll be sure your printer is set up correctly and you'll be done with setup and training!

You'll then find two new options on the top of the left side menu. These are the options for making real Digit-Eyes audio and text labels.


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