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Digit-Eyes: Identify and Organize Your World

What is Digit-Eyes?
Your're sighted.
Here's your shopping:
You're blind.
Here's your shopping:
Package labels identify the contents of these boxes. The boxes, cans and bottles all look alike without their labels

If you can't see, how do you know which containers have dog food in them?

If you have Digit-Eyes, it's obvious!

Cans with Digit-Eyes labels on themDigit-Eyes is a unique product that enables iPhone and Android phone owners to use off-the-shelf labels printed on a standard Inkjet printer to make and use inexpensive audio labels! Most phones can record up to 1,000 hours of labels.

With Digit-Eyes, you'll know in a fraction of a second that the can on top is the one for the dog!

Digit-Eyes also reads standard UPC and CD codes, enabling the Internet-connected user to obtain information on many commercial products and to transfer that information to personal labels for later use.

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The application for your phone is available for a one-time charge of $9.99.
Use of the website to create labels is free.

Get your phone software now!

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