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Create a vCard QR Code

A vCard is an electronic data format for representing business card information. It is a formal standard that is described in RFC 6350. It stores your contact information: name, email, phone number and more. vCard data can be encoded into QR codes that can be printed on a business card and read by the Digit-Eyes app on your iPhone and by other apps that understand the vCard data format.

vCards are a great way to share your contact information and to get contact information about other people. When you have a scannable vCard QR code on your email or business card, this enables people to add you to their contacts or address book with a single click.

And when you scan a vCard with Digit-Eyes, saving the information in an accessible format in your contacts is a snap!

To create your card, simply enter your information in the fields below and click "Generate vCard QR Code".   You'll see your code and be able to copy and save it to your desktop.

The more data the QR code contains, the more dots are needed to hold the information. Denser codes with more dots are more difficult to scan. The form below lists all the fields for your vCard, but that doesn't mean you have to use all of them! 

If you want a small code, only fill in the most important fields

If the QR Code generated from your information will be difficult to scan, we'll let you know and give you a chance to change the information

Prefix e.g. Mrs, Mr, Prof
First name
Last name
Suffix e.g. Esq, M.D.
Office Street address
Office City
Office Region/State
Office Country
Office Postal code
Home Street address / Apt
Home City
Home Region/State
Home Country
Home Postal code
Home phone preferred
Office phone preferred
Fax preferred
Mobile/cell phone preferred
E-mail address
QR Code size

So what's in that code?

Data in the vCard format is stored text file according to the vCard specification; these files typically use the .vcf extension. The vCard files are properly recognized by the vast majority of applications and mobile devices.   When you create a QR code with vCard data in it, the information is simply encoded into the QR format.

Your information is as shown to the right:

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