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Use the Digit-Eyes UPC / EAN database in Your Own App

The Digit-Eyes UPC / EAN API gives developers access to our database of UPC and EAN records. The database grows continually as a function of user activity and the performance of the digital indexing software.

  • 344,469,793 individual UPC / EAN records available;
  • listings in 10 languages;
  • database grows continuously and heuristically;
Appropriately licensed, identified and authenticated processes can:
  • Retrieve, update and delete individual records with our JSON or SOAP XML interface;
  • Retrieve record groups using CSV (excel file) interface;
  • Upload record groups using CSV (excel file) interface;
Revenue from licensing our database is used to provide free and low-cost digital product identification services for people who are blind.

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Summary of API Features

XML And JSON Single-Transaction API

This web service allows an appropriately identified and authenticated user to perform the following transactions:
  1. Submit a request for information about a single UPC code. This request includes some identifying information and an authentication string. If the UPC is found, the service returns the following information in an xml stream:
    1. Product name (always supplied)
    2. Product unit of measure (always supplied)
    3. If extended information is available, the URL of the Digit-Eyes HTML page where this can be found;
    4. Manufacturer Name (if available)
    5. Brand Name (if available)
    6. Manufacturer's description and usage instructions
    7. Ingredients and Warnings (if available)
    8. Nutritional information (if available).
    9. Trade item ownership (if available - this is the corporate name, address, phone and other contact information for the party who has the ultimate responsibility for the item).
    10. If the UPC code is not found, the service returns an XML transaction that indicates the item is unknown
  2. Submit a request to update or add ("upsert") UPC codes
  3. Submit a request than a UPC should be deleted.

CSV Multiple-Transaction API

Batch Update
This batch feature allows appropriately authorized and authenticated users to submit a file of UPC data as a comma-separated value (.csv) file. CSV is a common file format that can be produced by many spreadsheet programs such as Excel.

Batch Download
This batch feature allows appropriately authorized and authenticated users to submit a file of UPC numbers as a .csv file and to obtain any data from the database that is available in the requested language.

Delayed Retrieval
This batch feature enables customers who are using the Single-Transaction API to receive notification and updates when the spiders locate information for an item number that had been previously requested and returned as 'not found'.

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