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Digit-Eyes: Identify and Organize Your World

Use Your iPhone to Read or Record Labels

New Pricing for our New Release: get the entire Digit-Eyes app for just $9.99 at the ITunes App Store!

What is Digit-Eyes? Digit-Eyes is a unique iPhone app that enables people who are visually-impaired or who have problems reading to identify items using their iPhone, iPod or iPad. Digit-Eyes reads manufacturer's UPC and EAN code and tells you the product name -- and often the full description, usage instructions and ingredients -- in 10 languages. Using Digit-Eyes, inexpensive off-the-shelf office supplies and a standard inkjet or laser printer, you'll be able to record audio labels or make text labels that are read aloud by your phone.

Want permanent labels for your clothing that can be washed or dry-cleaned again and again? Click here for more information!

Why do you need Digit-Eyes?

You're sighted.
Here's your shopping:

An assortment of cans, boxes and bottles with product labels.

You're blind.
Here's your shopping:

An assortment of unlabled cans, boxes and bottles

If you can't see the labels, how do you know which containers hold dog food?

If you have Digit-Eyes, it's easy!

Cans with Digit-Eyes labels on themPrefer to use a laser scanner? Launch Digit-Eyes in a browser and use your tethered or Bluetooth scanner to scan UPC or EAN codes. You'll be able to find the names and extended product information of over 345,262,242 items in the Digit-Eyes database.

So with Digit-Eyes, you can grab the can at the top of the pile, read the UPC, find out it's for Rover, stick your own label on it, and record, "Doggy Delights, with lamb and rice" -- all in a couple of seconds.

$9.99 special price*

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*$9.99 price includes audio label recording option, UPC/EAN reader, code 3-of-9, (inventory tags) code 2-of-5 (supermarket shelf tags) and code 128 inventory tag readers. Pricing for the UPC/EAN reader alone is $5.99.

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