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What do I Need for the Digit-Eyes Voice Labeling System?
All you need is a printer to create labels an iPhone -- 3GS or later, iPod 5 or iPad (3rd generation).
Click here to download specifications in PDF or Word format

Apple iPhone Models: iPhone 3GS or later
Apple iPad: Version 3 (autofocus camera)
Apple iPod: Version 5 (autofocus camera)
Software Initial Purchase Cost: $9.99*
Monthly Payments: None
Annual Payments: None
Database Upgrade Cost: None
Database Upgrade Frequency: Daily
Estimated cost of operation: Roughly one cent ($0.01) per label.
Codes Read: Digit-Eyes can read five types of bar codes:
  • UPC/ EAN manufacturer’s codes: Digit-Eyes provides access to an extensive database of product names and information;
  • Standard QR (text labels): Make your own using your existing printer;
  • Customized QR (recordable audio labels): When recording, Digit-Eyes uses about 8 GB of storage for every 1,000 hours of labels. On a 64GB iPhone, you’ll be able to store about 4,000 hours of labels recordings and use less than half the storage;
  • Code 3 of 9 (inventory tags): read proprietary inventory tags on the job;
  • Code 128 (Serial number tags): identify products by serial number.
Digit-Eyes runs on the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S

iPhone or iPad 3
Digit-Eyes is designed to be used by either sighted or unsighted people; unsighted use requires you to have the VoiceOver screen reader active.

Click here to get the full version Digit-Eyes from the iTunes store.
Click here to get the upgradable version of Digit-Eyes from the iTunes store.

You'll need an inkjet or laser printer that is capable of printing a full-sized sheet of either US standard (8 ½ x 11 inch) or A4 paper.


Digit-Eyes uses standard, off-the-shelf label stock designed for use in ordinary printers. Click for the list of supported labels. Generally, all labels of a particular size and organization from the same manufacturer are interchangeable. If you have a particular label requirement that is not on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us at to get it set up. There is no fee for this service.

You can also buy pre-printed audio labels from this website if you don't want to print your own.

For Washable Labels

Click here to buy pre-printed washable vinyl labels from the Digit-Eyes store.

*$9.99 price includes audio label recording option, UPC/EAN reader, code 3-of-9, (inventory tags) code 2-of-5 (supermarket shelf tags) and code 128 inventory tag readers. Pricing for the UPC/EAN reader alone is $5.99.

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