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Digit-Eyes: Identify and Organize Your World

About Us

About Digit-Eyes
Digit-Eyes is developed and marketed by a team that consists of both unsighted and sighted individuals. We understand, all too well, that being visually impaired is inconvenient. We are of the opinion that it should not also be expensive.

We aspire to deliver products that are:

  • Easy to use without sighted assistance
  • Portable and convenient to have at hand
  • Robust
and to do so at a price point radically below that of competing products. 

Our design philosophy is to use mainstream platforms and mainstream supplies. As a result, we can offer Digit-Eyes products at mainstream prices.

Our intention in developing Digit-Eyes was to create an outstanding software solution to a common problem experienced by the visually-impaired: labeling and understanding the content of labels.  Digit-Eyes was completed with the invaluable assistance of a multinational team of 40 low-vision and blind beta testers who served as our stakeholders.

The products we offer are a tribute to their energy, expertise and intelligence.

Our Translators
Digit-Eyes is available in ten languages languages, thanks to a group of terrific translators.   We gratefully acknowledge their work and provide their names below.  Contact information for those that provide translation services on a professional basis is shown below and we are delighted to recommend their work.

Mads Rasmussen

Jean-François Rompre

Melanie Forster

Barbara Aceranti

Mads Rasmussen, Leo Nakashima, Ted Wexler, Davey Hulse, Vera and Ana Garza G'z

John André Netland

Damian Przybyta

Leo Nakashima

Ana Garza G'z

Gudrun Brunot

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