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What happens when my UPC is for an Unknown Item?

Digit-Eyes is (in part) a search engine that specializes in UPC and EAN codes. While we have a very large database -- 344,469,793 items as of last night, not all UPC and EAN codes are in our database. Manufacturers make new things all the time, products get improved and relabeled, etc.

Most companies consider statistics about search performance to be proprietary, our understanding is that the average product identification rate is about 60%. We have found that Digit-Eyes will, on the average, identify between 90% and 95% of the items scanned. This sounds great, but in practice, it means that about 1 in 20 items will not be identified on the first scan.

Image of the 'item not found' screen, showing the message and two buttons underneath

When this occurs, yYou are given a chance to enter the name of the product if you know it. This is immediately added to the database and becomes available to you and all other users. Sometime later that day, added content will be checked by our staff and the number added to a special high-priority queue. When the information is found, it is added to the database so it is ready for you next time you scan the item.

The practical effect of this is that it is fairly common that find within 24 hours or so that the code that was previously not found is now in the database.

If you have questions about applying the labels, please contact us at

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