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Digit-Eyes: Identify and Organize Your World

How Does Digit-Eyes Work?
Label showing bar code that is 1 inch (2.25 cm) squareDigit-Eyes is the revolutionary voice labeling system that lets you use your iPhone to easily identify products. You can use the camera on the iPhone to read manufacturer's UPC or EAN codes and access the massive Digit-Eyes product database to determine what the items are. In many cases, you will also find instructions from the manufacturer's that descript how the product is intended to be used. You can also record, retrieve and re-record information using inexpensive labels that you print at home on your inkjet or laser printer. If you want to label something that has to be washed, you can purchase washable labels that can be sewn into garments, read, recorded and played back again and again. If you have a laser scanner, you can use the Digit-Eyes web interface for laser scanning and access the entire product database as well.

The bottom line? Forget having a bunch of fragile, clumsy, and obtrusive assistive hardware! Harnessing the power of the iPhone and the world-wide web, Digit-Eyes offers unmatched scanning and labeling tools at a fraction of a cost of conventional special-purpose hardware. With Digit-Eyes, all you need is a package of address labels and the phone you already have.

What are the steps to use Digit-Eyes?

To prepare the labels:

  1. Pick up package of off-the-shelf Avery labels (or their equivalent) wherever you buy office supplies.  Click for the list of supported labels.
  2. Visit, log in, and select the type of label you want to print. The system will give you a link to the PDF file of the labels you've requested.
  3. Download the PDF file of label images, put the labels in your inkjet printer or laser printer, and print the images on the labels.  You can make as many labels as you want at a time, so they'll be handy when you need them.

To make an audio label for an item:

  1. Scan the printed label with the Digit-Eyes application on your cell phone.
  2. Record and save your audio label.

To play an audio label

  1. Scan the label with the Digit-Eyes application on your cell phone.
  2. Listen to your recording.

To make a text label for an item:

  1. On the website, select the type of label you want to print.
  2. Type up to 100 characters for each label.
  3. The system will give you a link to the PDF file of the labels you've requested so you can print them.

To play a text label:

  1. Scan the label with the Digit-Eyes application on your cell phone.
  2. The words you've typed will be voiced by the phone.

To delete a label:

  1. After playing your recording, simply tap your cell phone twice to delete it.
  2. If you discard a label without remembering to delete it, come and delete it from the website.

Want to know what's in that package?

Digit-Eyes can read the product barcodes (UPC and EAN) that appear on most packaged items.  It also reads the codes on books, DVD's and CDs. To find out what something is, scan the product with your cell phone. You'll hear a message that tells you when Digit-Eyes has read it and that it is looking the code up on our database on the Digit-Eyes website.  When Digit-Eyes locates the information, it announces the product name for you.  You can then easily create your own label for the item without any sighted assistance.

What are the limits of Digit-Eyes?
Very few!
  • There is no practical limit to the number of labels you can make.
  • There is no charge for making labels on the website.
  • You determine what is on your labels; you do not have to use them in any particular order.
  • Text labels use no storage on your phone.
  • 1,000 hours of audio label content will use about half the storage of the 8GB iPhone; the 32GB phone will store 4,000 hours in half its storage space.
  • There is no practical limit to the length of any message you store, so when you make an audio label for a can of chicken stock, you can add the expiration date and a soup recipe as well.
  • You can re-record any audio label at any time, getting rid of the recipe or recording a different one.
  • You can delete audio labels directly from your phone or manage your audio labels from your free website account.
  • Your audio label content is automatically backed up when you synch and back up your phone. If your phone is lost or damaged, your audio label content is restored to your new phone as soon as you synch it.


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Download in PDF format (standard type)
Download Low-Vision version in Word format
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