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Digit-Eyes: Identify and Organize Your World

What is Digit-Eyes?

Tired of having a bunch of fragile, clumsy and expensive gadgets?

Irritated with having to go look for them?

You need Digit-Eyes!

And at the modest price of just $9.99* you can afford it, too!

Digit-Eyes is a cost-effective and powerful software application (app) that works on the iPod Touch (version 5 and later), the iPad (all versions with autofocus cameras) and the iPhone (3Gs and all later models). It is set up so you can use it no matter how much sight you do or do not have. It lets you make text or audio labels you can read with your iPhone. It also lets you point your phone's camera at a can on the pantry shelf, find the Universal Product Code or European Article Number and find out what's in the can by automatically and instantly looking the item up in the Digit-Eyes product code database.

With Digit-Eyes, no special hardware is required! All you'll need is the phone you already have, your Internet-connected computer, a package of labels and a regular inkjet or laser printer.

The system consists of three parts:

  1. The free Digit-Eyes website where you create pdf files of your own Digit-Eyes text and audio labels;
  2. Acrobat, a free product from Adobe Systems, used on your own computer to print the labels;
  3. The app for your iPhone, that allows you to:
    • scan standard UPC or EAN codes;
    • read your own text labels with VoiceOver or
    • create your own audio labels.

Harnessing the power of the iPhone and the world-wide web, Digit-Eyes offers unmatched scanning and labeling tools at a fraction of the cost of conventional special-purpose hardware. With Digit-Eyes, all you need is a package of address labels and the phone you already have.

*$9.99 price includes audio label recording option, UPC/EAN reader, code 3-of-9, (inventory tags) code 2-of-5 (supermarket shelf tags) and code 128 inventory tag readers. Pricing for the UPC/EAN reader alone is $5.99.

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