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Digit-Eyes: Identify and Organize Your World

Digit-Eyes Identifies Documents
Digit-Eyes is a text labeling system as well as an audio one.

Randy has some important documents -- birth certificates, the mortgage papers and car pink slips, passports and more -- that need to put in the safety deposit box and which he and his wife, both of whom use Digit-Eyes, want to be able to easily identify.

How to know which document is which?
  1. Randy visits the Digit-Eyes website and selects the label configuration he wants to use (in this case, 20 labels per page, 2 across and 10 down).
  2. The website gives him an input page that is formatted the same way his label sheet will be formatted.
  3. In the first box, he types "Randy's birth certificate", in the second "Joan's birth certificate" and in the remaining boxes, he types labels for the birth certificates of their children, the passports, the mortgage papers and the cars' pink slips. He can put up to 100 characters of text in each label.
  4. He prints the labels.  

These are not audio labels and they are not private; the labels simply contain the text that he has written and anyone who has Digit-Eyes can read the labels. 

He puts the appropriate label on the back of each document and then takes the documents to the bank.

Now, any time he or his wife have to retrieve an important document, they can do so in privacy without sighted assistance and Digit-Eyes has done its job.

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