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Digit-Eyes in the Laundry

Digit-Eyes labels can easily be made waterproof!

Vera would like Davey to help with the laundry. And Davey would like to know which pair of Dockers is tan and which is blue without having to ask Vera.

How to know what is what?

  1. Davey buys a set of washable vinyl labels from the Digit-Eyes website.
  2. Laundry, showing labels attached with Safety pinsDavey gets some safety pins and sticks them through the edges of the vinyl labels.  He could sew them down, but he does not feel inclined to do so.
  3. Davey, going through his closet with Vera's assistance, for each item, puts a pin with a label someplace inconspicuous on the garment.
  4. He then scans the Digit-Eyes code in the tag with his phone and Vera records what the item is ("this is the silk shirt you like but costs $15 to clean" or perhaps just "khaki Dockers")
  5. When he comes home and changes clothes, he simply tosses the garments -- tags and all -- into the wash.
  6. When he goes to sort the laundry before it goes into the washer and when it comes out, all he has to do is to scan the tag and he'll know exactly what the item is

Helpful Hint:  Not all items need labels all the time. Digit-Eyes labels can be easily re-recorded.  A good example is a case where there is one set of towels for the master bath and another one for the guest bath.  When removing the towels from the bathroom for washing, simply temporarily attach a Digit-Eyes tag to them, record "master bath" or "guest bath" and toss them in the washing machine.  When the towels are done and placed back in the bath, remove the tags and save them for labeling other items.

Whether the labels are sewn in or pinned, closet confusion is a thing of the past and Digit-Eyes has done its job!

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