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About Audio Labels
What is an audio label?
When you create an audio label, you'll be able to make a voice recording that is associated with the label. This is different from a text label where you type content into the label and your phone voices that content to you.

How do I make an audio label?
Log into your free website account and request audio labels in the format you want. You'll get a PDF of labels that you print on your local computer printer. When you want to label something, just stick one on the item you want to label, scan it, and record whatever you want.  

When you scan the label later, the audio content you've recorded is played back.

What are the advantages of audio labels over text labels?
Audio labels are useful when you don't know exactly what you will be labeling or where you want a lot of content (you can, for instance, use them to record full recipes or 'post-it' notes to yourself)   The content associated with an audio label is naturally private because it is stored on your phone and only accessible from your phone.

Click here for frequently-asked questions about audio labels.

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