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Digit-Eyes Washing Labels
Sew-in Labels
The simplest way to employ washable labels is simply to buy some here and sew or pin them into the garment you want to label. These handy labels go through the washer and dryer and permanently identify your clothing. Simply attach the label to your garment (sewing is best and most dry-cleaners will do it for about 25 cents). Locate the label by touch, can it with the Digit-Eyes application on your phone and the record as much information as you want about each garment. When you're sorting the laundry or trying to decide what to wear, simply scan the label again and hear what you recorded.

Making Hang Tags
Alternatively, using off-the-shelf plastic lamination supplies, Digit-Eyes labels can easily and inexpensively be made washable. Laminated labels are not intended to be wearable; they are, rather, hang tags that are attached to a garment when it is not in use. Attach them to clothing in the closet, remove them while wearing the garment, and reattach them to the garment after use so they accompany the garment through the laundry and back into the closet.

We encased our labels in the Fellowes business card glossy pouches, which we got where we get our office supplies.  We used the Avery 6570 labels (1.9 x 1.3 in), and found that two labels could be made using one pouch.  The net cost ended up being about $0.17 per label when we bought in low quantity. The material is much less expensive in volume -- our local school owns a laminator and it cost a fraction of a cent for materials when we used it. The cost of the laminator was more than we thought reasonable for household use, however.

Both text and audio labels can be used as washable garment labels.

Our laminated test labels have been repeatedly soaked, soaped, bleached, machine-washed and dried and, after 25 washings, they are in as good condition and as scannable as when they started.

How do I use the laminated washable Digit-Eyes labels?

  • When your clothing is in the closet or drawer, the tag is attached to the manufacturer's label in the garment or some other convenient place.
  • You can record anything you want on the tag -- style information, what the piece coordinates with, fiber content and washing instructions -- even when you wore it last!
  • Remove the tag before wearing the garment and put the tag someplace handy so the tag is easy to find when you are done.
  • When removing the garment, simply replace the tag on it.
  • When the garment is washed and dried, the tag remains attached to it, and sorting the laundry is a breeze!


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