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Press Release: 2010-06-24
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Digital Miracles, LLC, is pleased to announce a major advancement in assistive technology for people who are blind and visually impaired. The Digit-Eyes Audio Labeling System has been approved for sale on the Apple Apps Store. As of June 25th, the millions of people worldwide with substantial vision loss can begin downloading the IPhone application to recognize and label the important items in their lives.

At the unprecedented price of $29.99, the Digit-Eyes phone app is a powerful tool that fits into any budget and any life style, turning challenging tasks into easy and safe activities. The Digit-Eyes system gives users a simple way to make custom labels for everyday items and it identifies packaged goods—joining advanced software with the iPhone, the Internet, home computers, printers, and inexpensive off-the-shelf labels. People of almost any visual ability can now put groceries away and select the right prescription bottle independently.

“This is the most exciting product I’ve worked on,” says Nancy Miracle, president of Digital Miracles and software engineer with 40 years experience. “The limited functionality and high cost of existing assistive devices just seemed wrong, so our objective was to develop a product with better functionality than any comparable technology and offer it at about 10% of the price. The iPhone is such a natural, powerful, inexpensive and robust platform that the project was irresistible.”

With Digit-Eyes, users have the option of printing custom text labels or recording audio labels, which they make by scanning specially coded labels and speaking into their phones. The labels are attached to household items, and their contents are played back whenever the codes are rescanned with the IPhones. Digit-Eyes phones can also scan manufacturer codes (UPC, EAN, ISBN) and announce what’s inside the package, after checking the vast Digit -Eyes product database. Each smartphone stores over a thousand hours of information and can be used just about anywhere.

“My husband is wonderful, but he’s not always around to tell me what’s in the can or box,” reports Deborah Mason, a Digit-eyes user. “Learning to use the app was a breeze. The interface is so elegant and intuitive that I was scanning within minutes. Now, with Digit-Eyes, I can independently read the UPC codes or the labels I’ve created myself. And I absolutely love the fact that I can let my reader enjoy his coffee in the other room because my IPhone is always in my pocket.”

The first public display of Digit-Eyes is at the National Federation of the Blind convention in Dallas, Texas, on July 4 – 7, booth B113. The exhibit then moves to the American Council of the Blind convention on July x – y in Phoenix, Arizona, booth #xxx. Attendees can experience the use and capability of the system with hands-on demonstrations. Details, explanations, and examples will be available at both conventions or immediately on-line at

Digital Miracles, LLC, the parent company of Digit-Eyes, is a Texas-based corporation that develops customized software solutions. The Digit-Eyes Audio Labeling System was created by a team of engineers, software designers and members of the visually impaired community.
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