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Press Release: 2010-07-26
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Digit-Eyes announces that all future release of Digit-Eyes will be based on ios4, the new operating system for the iPhone that offers new accessibility features.

We all know that Apple came out with the new 4G iPhone a few weeks ago. Not all of us know, though, that they also brought out ios4, the piece of software that runs the 4G iPhone, for the 3GS iPhone.

So, if you download the ios4.0 on your 3GS iPhone, what does it do for you?

Well, from a blind person's point of view, it makes the phone more useful in a bunch of ways, some of which I haven't found yet. But, how's this for excellence?

* when I go to my voice mail now, it gives me the number that called, but it also gives me the location. That's very cool when I need to return a call on the east coast of the U.S. from the west coast. Since there are three hours difference, I might decide to wait to make to call later rather than at 9:00 here because she's probably at lunch, or I can avoid frustration when I see that it 2:00 in the afternoon here, so no wonder he isn't answering his phone. he's gone for the day.

that's just one of the many improvements. Here's another.

* In VoiceOver, when I select a number or letter on the keypad, it used to echo the number in the same voice. now, it changes the voice -- low for my first touch of the number, and higher for when it goes into the text field as a selection. So, now I immediately know if I have the right number or letter or have to delete a mistake.

The other really important thing is that Apple is supporting accessibility by ensuring that all us developers do all future updates so they will only work on phones with the 4.0 operating system. so, since we're bringing out a new and improved version of Digit-eyes in a couple of weeks, it's only going to work on 3gs phones that have the ios4 operating system, or on the 4g itself.

So, we're saying: Go get the ios4 right away so you can enjoy the best possible system!

Contact: Nancy Miracle
(817) 571-3083

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