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Press Release: 2010-08-19
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Digital Miracles announces the release of washable audio labels that enable the visually-impaired to permanently label clothing. Using the labels and the Digit-Eyes app on the iPhone, customers can record detailed washing and wearing information about any garment. The information is played back when the label is scanned again using the app on the iPhone.

Dallas, Texas August 19, 2010 -- Digital Miracles, L. L. C., announced today that its long-awaited washable audio labels are now available for sale on its website. The company will also be offering pre-printed audio labels as a convenience for customers who don’t have access to a printer or who just prefer to have someone else do the printing.

“Our customers let us know that identifying clothing is one of their most important labeling needs,” reports Nancy Miracle, President. “With the introduction of our soft, washable, bleachable and dryable audio labels, laundry becomes a snap and confusion in the closet a thing of the past. A number of our customers also told us that they don’t have access to a printer or simply prefer the convenience of having already-printed labels. Now, we have both types of labels available for sale.”

The standard self-adhesive labels are perfect for temporary labels, or labeling items that will stay dry such as folders, CDs, and containers. The sturdy washable labels were specifically created for garments and can be permanently attached to clothing.

“I’ve been waiting for these, too,” says Davey Hulse, VP of Marketing. “Ever since I heard about the Digit-Eyes concept and got my iPhone, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get these labels figured out. I can’t wait to grab my iPhone and my clothes and ask my wife to help me record audio notes about them. No more chasing around in the morning, asking: ‘Does this shirt go with these pants?’ From then on it’s going to be really cool to be independent!

Contact: Davey Hulse
(503) 559-3787

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