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Press Release: 2012-03-07
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Digit-Eyes, the popular iPhone app that allows people without vision to scan labels with their iPhone and find the meaning of UPC/EAN bar codes is now available in a browser-based version that can be used on a desktop or laptop computer equipped with a conventional 2-D corded laser scanner.

Dallas, TX Digital Miracles, L.L.C. announced the availability of a web-based version of the popular Digit-Eyes product that enables people without vision to label and identify products using QR codes or UPC/EAN codes.

"Many of our blind and low vision customers turned out to already own 2-D laser scanners that they connected to their laptop or desktop computers. They wanted to be able to use their laser scanners with the Digit-Eyes product that they'd become accustomed to on the iPhone" reports Nancy Miracle, President. "We've now changed our website so, in addition to using the product on the iPhone, all 25 million UPC / EAN codes can be accessed by registered users who also have corded laser scanners."

The scanners are commonly available both new and used market and typically connect to a laptop or desktop using a USB connection.

"While our customers have shown us that they love the convenience of using their iPhone to identify products", Ms. Miracle continued, "There is also no question that having more freedom and more options is always better!"

Contact: Nancy Miracle
(817) 571-3083

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