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Digit-Eyes is an audio labeling system that is portable, requires no physical connection to a computer and works everywhere you can take a cell phone.  Many functions don't even require access to a cellular network.

John wants to know which credit card he is using and what the 3-digit CVV code is on the back that the cashiers often ask for.  And, naturally, he does not like having to hand his credit card over to someone else.   But all credit cards are alike to the touch.

How to know which card is which?
  1. John selects a small Digit-Eyes label and sticks it on the back side of his card, being careful not to put it over the magnetic strip.
  2. He scans the Digit-Eyes label and records the fact that it is his VISA card and that the CVV code is "123"
  3. He repeats this process with his MasterCard and his debit card, recording what each is and what the codes are.

His personal information is secure because it exists only on his iPhone, which is under his control.

When John is in line to pay for his purchases, all he has to do is scan his cards to find which to use and what the code is he needs to tell the cashier.

His card remains in his possession and Digit-Eyes has done its job.

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