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Pharma-See from Digit-Eyes is a unique software app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad that enables people who have problems reading to identify prescription containers by using QR codes. This includes people who are blind or low-vision, people who are dyslexic and those who have lost the ability to read through stroke or injury as well as people who simply are not literate.
Digit-Eyes uses QR codes to enable people to record pharmaceutical label information on their iPhones, iPads or iPods and to play it back on demand (“audio labels”) or to read QR code labels that contain text (“text labels”) with any smartphone.

The Digit-Eyes technology for recognizing QR codes, recording and storing audio information and playing audio on the iOS devices has been in the market since 2010 and is stable and well proven. The scanner is omni-directional: it does not require the unsighted customer to orient the bar code in any particular fashion, only to have all of the QR code within the “view” of the camera.

The product is well-known and has been well accepted by the blind community.

The Digit-Eyes software speaks any one of ten languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

Pharma-See Text Labelsscan this sample QR code medicine bottle label with your iPhone or Android

  • Text labels are phone-readable QR (‘quick response) codes that contain encoded alphabetic and numeric text content.  A code 1.5 x 1.5 inches in size can hold 400 characters of prescription date that is voiced aloud to the customer;
  • This solution is appropriate for pharmacies that can integrate QRcode generation into their pharmaceutical labeling process (such as mail order pharmacies);
  • Text labels should be created during the process where presecription labels are printed for the medicine bottle;
  • Labels should be placed in currently-unused space on the presecription container. Codes should not be placed on the prescription container lid because lids can be mislaid or interchanged.
  • QR code preserption labels can be printed on standard 2-inch round label stock;
  • A 2-inch round label can contain about 400 characters of text. This should be the same or similar text as the visually-readable prescription labels.
  • The text content of the QR code prescrption label is voiced when the phone is passed over the code.
  • Readable by any camera-equipped device that reads QR code:
    • Android phones and tablets
    • Nokia phones
    • iPhone, iPad

Pharma-See Audio Labels

  • Pharmaceutical bottles with Digit-Eyes QRcode prescription label on the bottomRecordable labels are special QR code labels that contains a code that triggers a recording process in an app on the iPhone, iPad or iPod;
  • A special preprinted QR-code prescription label containing a recording trigger code is affixed to the prescription container. Codes should not be placed on the lid because lids can be mislaid or interchanged;
  • The customer can obtain a free copy of the app and install it on their iPhone, iPad or iPod from the Apple app store;
  • The customer at the pharmacy brings up the app on their preferred device and scans the code. The device displays and (if the customer is using VoiceOver, speaks) the term “record” in the language the customer uses on their phone;
  • When the pharmacist is ready to inform the customer about their prescription, they touch “record” and read the information into the mobile device. The customer listens to the instructions and asks any questions and receives answers;
  • At home, the customer locates the QR code label by touch, scans it with their mobile device and hears the pharmacist’s instructions and the answers to any questions they may have asked;
  • Audio labels require no software integration with the pharmacy software system: The pharmacy has no connection or integration into their software system at all.
  • Custom-branded versions of the Pharma-See recording app for QR-coded pharmacentical labels are provided under standard licensing from Digit-Eyes;
  • The functionality is also available as a licensed library that can be integrated into the pharmacy’s own iPhone, iPod or iPad app.


  • Affordable: The QR code labeling solution requires no investment on the part of the customer beyond the normal cost for their phone, iPod or iPad;
  • Simple: Digit-Eyes Pharma-See QR code app is natively designed for “eyes-free” use, it is very simple and is intuitive to use;
  • Available: The phone is likely to be where the customer is;
  • Accessible: The accessibility of the Apple products – iPhone, iPod and iPad -- is without parallel; many unsighted customers are already familiar with the features of the phone and won’t require training or support to use the QR code pharmaceutical labels;
  • Sustainable: The iPhone, iPod and iPad are desirable and popular devices, as are other mobile phones. Unlike conventional special-purpose AT hardware, customers are unlikely to “forget” their phone or to abandon its use;
  • Reliable: Phones are robust; it is unlikely to fail and leave customers unable access their prescription information;
  • Replaceable: If the phone is lost, any audio for the QR code pharmaceutical label recordings are restored from the user’s iTunes account backup when the replacement device is activated; no backup is required for text labels;
  • Short Training Curve: The Digit-Eyes system is simple and intuitive, no time-consuming training required for busy Pharmacist Teams;
  • Cost-Effective and easy to implement: The pharmacy has no expense for the customer’s hardware and assumes no responsibility for maintaining or replacing it;
    • No investment in equipment for the pharmacy;
    • Minimal training for the pharmacy;
    • When using QR code audio labels, the cost to the pharmacy is minimal. This includes the development of an app customized for pharmacy chain with unlimited free downloads for customers.
    • An unlimited number of the proprietary Digit-Eyes QR-code labels can be printed by the pharmacy at no charge or pre-printed labels can be purchased at a minimal cost;
    • The Digit-Eyes Pharma-See toolkit for developers is available for integration into the pharmacy’s own app. Licensing terms vary with volume;
    • No extra SKU pill bottles for the pharmacy to purchase and inventory.
  • Personal: The customer has a positive and personal interaction with their pharmacy: one that they are reminded of each time that they take their medication;
  • Risk-Free: at no time do the pharmacy’s employees incur the liability of handling the customer’s equipment;
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