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Digit-Eyes at the Pharmacy
Digit-Eyes is an audio labeling system that records labels using any sound source your phone can pick up.

Deborah is a Digit-Eyes user.  She has loaded the application on her cell phone, and she has printed a couple of sheets of bar-coded labels, which she carries in her purse so she can label items on the fly when she goes out.

two sheets of printed labelsDeborah has a nasty case of the coughs and sniffles.  She goes to the doctor, who tells her to get two kinds of cough syrup from the pharmacy (one for night and one for day), prescribes some antibiotics and authorizes a renewal of her cholesterol medication since her routine appointment is only a week away.

At the pharmacy, Deborah turns in her prescription.  Twenty minutes later, the pharmacist hands her two identical pill bottles and two boxes of cough syrup that are the same size and shape.

How to know what is what?

  1. As the pharmacist prepares to give Deborah the usual consumer information, Deborah explains that she wants to make an audio label for her medications. She describes how she will use the phone. The pharmacist is intrigued and agrees.
  2. Sample Bar Code Label - 1 inch (2.25 cm) squareDeborah reaches into her purse and pulls out her labels and her phone. She sticks a label on the bottom of the first pill bottle (not on the lid because tops could be interchanged), brings up Digit-Eyes, and scans the label.
  3. Digit-Eyes reads the code on Deborah's label and checks to see if there is already a message recorded for that code. If there is, the message would play, but since there is no other recording for this code, Digit-Eyes goes into input mode, saying, "Tap twice to record".
  4. Deborah holds the phone up for the pharmacist, who delivers the information about that particular medication to both Deborah and the phone, describing the use of the medicine, its dosage, and its expiration date.Pharmaceutical bottles with Digit-Eyes label on the bottom
  5. When the pharmacist is done, Deborah scans the label again to make sure the recording is clear.  She interrupts the playback after the first few seconds.
  6. Deborah and the pharmacist repeat this process for the second pill bottle and for both boxes of cough syrup.

Deborah goes home with the labeled medications. Since her coughs and sniffles are pretty bad, she pulls both boxes of cough syrup out of the bag. She also pulls her cell phone out of her purse, brings Digit-Eyes up, points the phone to the digit-Eyes label on the box, and discovers that it is indeed the daytime formula. She takes the recommended dose, and then she scans both pill bottles to find out which one has the antibiotics and what time she should take it.

Deborah is feeling better already, and Digit-Eyes has done its job.

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