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Digit-Eyes with a Tethered Scanner

Digit-Eyes now offers no-charge access to registered users who want to use a laser scanner attached to their desktop or laptop.

USB Laser scanner connected to a laptop computer

Use any 2-D laser scanner that can be attached to your computer or laptop and that provides keyboard-style input.

How is this done?

  1. Buy a USB-connected, handheld 2D laser scanner.  It needs to be one that simulates keyboard input to your desktop or laptop computer. There are many manufacturers, Metrologic and Symbol Technologies are well-known. These are available from many sources and can commonly be found on eBay as well (search the term '2d handheld laser scanner' on Google or eBay.
  2. Bring up a voice-enabled browser or screen reader on your desktop or laptop.
  3. Select the option on the Digit-Eyes website that is titled 'Use Laser Scanner'.
  4. When the page displays, activate the scanner.  When the code is found, it will automatically be submitted and the results voiced.
  5. If there are instructions, ingredients or directions for use from the manufacturer, these will be made available as well as the name of the item.

Helpful Hint:  The laser scanner needs to "find" the bar code on the item.   You may need to rotate the item so that all surfaces are exposed to the scanner before the code is found.   If you need help, please contact

Don't have a laser scanner and don't want to pay full price? Good ones are often available on eBay in used or refurbished condition for under $100 US.

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