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Digit-Eyes with Laser Scanners

Digit-Eyes now offers no-charge access to registered users who want to use a laser scanner with the product.  There are currently records in the database, covering products from over 100 countries.

The option works by running Digit-Eyes in a browser.

  1. On the desktop:  Use any browser and a connected laser scanner that can emulate keyboard input.  These include the Metrologic scanner and many others.  Some connect with USB and some connect with the older style PS2 keyboard connector. 

    Click here for instructions on how to use a tethered laser scanner with Digit-Eyes.

  2. On the iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android: open a browser window on the device and bring up the website:  

    You can then pair a Bluetooth-connected scanner such as the KDC300 or Scanfob 2002


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